Monday, November 26, 2012

The Departed: "Adventus": Worth the Wait

Adventus, pronounced Adven-toose.....Latin for arrival, and it couldn't be a more fitting title. The band consists of  Cody Canada, Jeremy Plato (both formerly of Cross Canadian Ragweed), Seth James, Steve Littleton, and Chris Doege, all whom have had their toes in the Oklahoma/Texas music scene for quite a while, and it shows.

After Ragweed's split, Canada wasn't ready to call it quits. He hand picked the members for "The Departed" to form somewhat of a super group with singer/songwriters. Right away they got to work on their first album, a tribute to all of their favorite Okie singers called "This is Indian Land", which was more of a pacifier for their fans and an album Canada had wanted to do for years. Now with several years, hundreds of shows, a solid fan base, and one album under their belt, "The Departed" is ready to show off some original work.
James & Canada

Adventus doesn't let you down...the album starts off fast and hard with their single, "Worth the Fight", a heavy hitting, melt your face jam that portrays all the energy they put into their shows. From there, Seth James gets to show off his soulful vocals with "Burden", "Hard to Find", "Demons", "Better Get Right", "Sweet Lord" and "Prayer for the Lonely" all of which have a nice rock/blues feel to them. Then there is  "Flagpole", another fast paced rockin' song, which I would expect to be their next single. Plato, the bassist, gets to contribute his vocals as well in "Hobo", a song about trying to escape the day to day and probably their most "Ragweedish" song on the album. Bottom line is, Canada and James swapping vocals through the entire album keeps it fresh and fun. Both have different styles and "Adventus" benefits from it.

All in all a great album, and well worth the wait for those that have Ragweed withdraws. "The Departed" are now on the scene, and sitting pretty to make some noise. I couldn't be more pleased.

"Worth the Fight" Video

Cody Canada
Jeremy Plato

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